Do you have a special, one-of-a-kind daughter who is getting ready to turn 20? It may be difficult to believe that your little girl is now all grown up. Where did the years go? At this exciting time of transition, you may be wondering how you can let her know just how very proud you are of the fine young woman that she has become. Why not write her your own personalized birthday wishes straight from your heart to hers? It will be so much more meaningful then another generic birthday card from the store.
Beautiful daughter
You’re twenty years old
You are so special
So intelligent and bold
Beautiful daughter
With dreams so great
Today is your birthday
Let’s celebrate
From frills and bows to big girl toys
From princess glitter to make up and on to dating boys
We promise to guide you in all that you do
Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart
Happy birthday to you
Darling girl, daughter of mine
I want you to know that you are one of a kind
Happy birthday, my daughter
You’re twenty today
My daughter, my gift, for whom I’m thankful every single day
I watched you sleep when you were small
And wished the world for you
I couldn’t wait to see
All the things that you could do
Now you’re twenty
And you amaze me everyday
Happy birthday, my sweetheart
Enjoy your special day
You’re twenty years old today
It came in the blink of an eye
You’re twenty years old today
Promise in life that you will always try
On your 20th birthday
We want to thank you for being you
You’ve enriched our lives
Each day has been like new
In twenty years, you’ve sprouted
In twenty years, you grew
Twenty years our daughter
Always and forever
We love you
Remember that you are wonderful and beautiful
And you never cease to amaze
Whether two years old or twenty
You’re our baby always
You were a child whose eyes were full of wonder and light
You learned to keep on dreaming and to always do what is right
Now you’re twenty, and the possibilities are plenty
The future seems wonderful and bright
On your 20th birthday
We hope we have shown you the way
To have the future you deserve
This is our wish for you, dear daughter
On this, your special day
Be strong; be kind
Be patient and wise
Have a wonderful 20th birthday
Spread your wings and take flight
Precious girl
You are twenty today
Breathe deep, smile
And enjoy your special day
On your 20th birthday
We hope we have shown you the way
To have the future you deserve
Come whatever may
Happy birthday to a beautiful girl
Darling daughter; our whole wide world
We wish you health and happiness as you embark on your own
Remember that we love you are we’re always your home
Words can’t express
Just how proud of you we are
You are a strong young woman
And we know that in life you’ll go far
Follow your dreams
Stay confident and strong
Stay true to yourself
And you’ll never go wrong
Remember to smile
Each morning when you wake
Remember, now that you’re 20
That you’re never too old for cake
Twenty years ago
She arrived on this day
The sweetest little baby
Twenty years ago today
She grew into a lovely girl
Who liked to dance and play
And then into this beautiful young woman
Who is reading these words
Today on her birthday

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