A boyfriend is like a best friend for whom you also feel romantic feelings. A new boyfriend is fun, exciting and gives you the rush of young love. If you’ve been with your boyfriend for longer, he probably inspires feelings of deeper love and hopes of a future. A 20th birthday marks the end of his teens, but it also means he is too young to legally drink. Many young men at this age are in college and have active social lives.
eclarations of an appreciation for being with that man are appropriate for birthday wishes, regardless of the length of the relationship. Birthday wishes that humorously mention that your boyfriend still isn’t legally able to drink could be funny, or remarks on the fact that he is no longer a teenager. More serious wishes about the special bond between partners are appropriate for couples who have been together longer.
A birthday card could express your birthday wishes at any stage of the relationship. A shot glass with birthday wishes might be a humorous gift since he isn’t legally able to drink in the US.
The length of your relationship with your boyfriend will help you determine what type of wish you want to send. For a new relationship, something lighthearted and funny is appropriate. If you’ve been together longer, a heartfelt wish expressing love and devotion are valid, but a humorous card catering to your boyfriend’s style of humor or habits is equally appropriate. Something sincere and sweet is always appreciated.
Happy Birthday to a man
Of whom I am a big fan
The truth is you’re pretty hot
Ugly is one thing your not
I remember when you asked me out
I knew right then without a doubt
That you were the man for me
You make me weak at the knees
Happy birthday, handsome man
You’re the best guy in the land
Other girls might stare at you
But to me you’re always true
So take me into your arms
So I can feel your special charm
20 years is not that old
You make my blood run hot, not cold
I want you to enjoy this day
I’m here for you in every way
I want us to be together
In sunshine, rain and every weather

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