Now that your son is turning 20, you have two decades of birthdays behind you, which may have you feeling a little sentimental. Although it can invoke a few tears to think about your baby boy finally reaching adulthood, this is a time that he has likely been eagerly anticipating.
You can also consider incorporating a few of his favorite things such as a song lyric or joke that hints at a special moment you shared. If you plan to give a sentimental birthday wish, then you may try to give it to him in private because young men this age tend to still get embarrassed a bit in front of their friends. However, a humorous message can fit right in with any crowd, and it may just earn you points as the coolest mom.
For 20 years, I’ve watched you grow,
Mature, and get much smarter.
But, son, don’t ask for the keys to the car,
For that would be a real “non-starter.”
Son, I baked that cake last night
And frosted it today.
Don’t mind the taste.
We must not waste.
We can’t throw it away.
One cake in 20
Being a little sub par
Isn’t all that bad.
Next year, you’d better beg your mom
To bake instead of your dad.
You’re 20, son, so we need to go
On our father-son hunting excursion.
We’ll sit there and chat,
And we’ll ambush a deer.
Now, how’s that for fun and diversion?
Two decades back, when you were born,
I said I would raise you right.
You turned out o.k.,
So I guess I can say
That the process was worth all the fight.
Two years ago, you moved away
To begin your college career.
We bake a cake
And wrap a present,
And like lightening, you come back here.
Happy birthday, son,
And don’t be such a stranger!
Remember the days when I taught you to drive?
I trembled like a leaf
And just hoped to survive.
Today, you turned 20,
And you’ve come really far.
Take these keys, son,
And go for a spin
In your new car!
It’s the one out back
With the red ribbon on it.
Happy birthday!
When the tire went flat,
You were there to hold the socket.
When the pipes all exploded,
You kept the washer in your pocket.
For 20 years, son, you’ve helped me many times,
And you’ve always put up with
My jokes and my rhymes.
Happy birthday, son!
At two, son, ’twas I who taught you to walk.
At three, son, ’twas I who taught you to talk.
At 18, I taught you to study hard at college.
You’re 20 now, so you thank me
For all that free knowledge.
You’re 20, son,
And your teen years are done.
You’ve reached a real milestone today.
We knew you would make it.
We knew you’d survive.
That old rabbit’s foot
We’ll finally throw away.
Twenty years back, you were born in a shack,
And you grew up in poverty and squalor.
But you fought your way out, learned what life’s all about,
So we’ll give you this proud birthday holler-
“Happy 20th birthday, son!”
No, we didn’t forget your birthday.
That’s not the sort of thing we’d do.
Your mother and I didn’t tell you
Because we though you already knew.
For 20 years, we’ve loved you, son,
And grown prouder of you every day.
Your mother and I never cease to give thanks
To God for you, son, when we pray.
Your 20th year is a sunrise year,
And your whole life’s before you, my son.
You’re studying hard to get that degree,
But don’t forget to have a little fun.
We wish you God’s best
On your 20th year.
We’re your father and mother.
Don’t forget that we’re here.
We’ll always be here for you, son,
If you need us.
And we hope, when we get really old,
that you’ll feed us.
You’re 20 now, son,
And to show we’re not cheap,
We won’t party just one day-
No, we’ll party all week!

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