A person’s 20th birthday is a moment of great celebration because it represents the end of their teenage years. Although they may still not be old enough to legally purchase a drink, those who are celebrating their 20th year are still likely to hit the town for a party with their family and friends. Movies, concerts and outdoor adventures are all fair game for a 20th birthday party, and gifts and well wishes can range from fun and childish to seriously sentimental. Here are a few things you can expect to be happening in the life of a 20-year-old-to-be along with some tips for crafting meaningful birthday wishes that will come straight from the heart.
Turning twenty, can’t believe you’re so old
They say you can’t have a drink, but don’t do as your told
Pour a nice tall one, the night will be gone
Call me next year, and I’ll buy your first beer.
Twenty years old, you’re not a teen now
Leaving mom and dad, I thought you’d never learn how
But enough with the jokes, you’re my bright light of hope
Happy birthday my friend, all the way till the end
Hey there buddy, wanna hear something funny?
For your twentieth birthday, I got you a big pot of honey
It’s sweeter than sun shine, and brighter than summer time
But for a friend like you, I’ll get stung all of the time
Tick tock, goes the clock
Life’s flashing right by, it simply won’t stop
So run to the party, don’t act like a smarty
Dance with your crush, hitch on the back of a bus
You’re still young as can be, not old like me
But here’s a magical key, to unlock the city
Don’t tell your mother, I got you a fake ID
Been friends forever, always together
You’re finally twenty, and I’ve still got love aplenty
Everyday’s like a birthday with, a best friend like you
Screw getting married, I wanna just hang out with you!
As you get older you learn
The years pass like molasses, and algebra classes
The time flies when it’s fun, as we circle the sun
And the older you get, the more you forget
But in my fiftieth year, I’ll still feel like you’re near
Happy twentieth birthday, it’s all downhill from here
You’re not longer a teen, no more being a drama queen
Twenty’s the time, for your true colors to shine
Because you’re too young to know that you’re too old to whine
And you’re not even of age, I can’t pour you a glass
But over virgin martini’s we’ll make a toast
Have the best twentieth birthday, you silly old goat
I can’t say what I mean, is what I mean to say
I didn’t forget your birthday, because I know it’s today
So I bought this card, it wasn’t that hard
But regarding your present, there’s a bit of a catch
It seems to have gone right down the hatch
So here’s an IOU, on your most special of days
Because you have to wait, I get paid next Friday
When you were ten, you still ate crayons in bed
And now that you’re twenty, you switched to hot sauce caliente
There’s no one like you, I swear it’s true
You put hot sauce on crackers, in your milk and cereal too!
It’s things like this that make me cackle and laugh
Happy birthday my friend, I’ll be there to the end

20th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
I’m glad that you’re my special guy
And there’s a million reasons why
20 years old today
And just so great in every way
Happy Birthday to a man
Of whom I am a big fan
The truth is you’re pretty hot
Ugly is one thing your not
I remember when you asked me out
I knew right then without a doubt
That you were the man for me
You make me weak at the knees
Happy birthday, handsome man
You’re the best guy in the land
Other girls might stare at you
But to me you’re always true
So take me into your arms
So I can feel your special charm
20 years is not that old
You make my blood run hot, not cold
I want you to enjoy this day
I’m here for you in every way
I want us to be together
In sunshine, rain and every weather
A boyfriend like is such a treat
You make everything feel neat
So let’s have some birthday cheer
And hold each other close and near
20 years old you have turned
If there’s one thing bout’ you I’ve learned
You’re always nice, you’re always kind
I’m so thankful you are mine
Your 20 now… hard to believe
And now that you are here with me
Blow out your candles right away
Because today is just your day
A boyfriend is a special thing
Who makes my heart just want to sing
That’s how I feel with I’m with you
Just so excited and not blue
So let’s have a birthday toast
To this guy I love the most
Seasons they will come and go
But I want you to know
I’ll always be here by your side
So you can just enjoy the ride
Today’s a day that we can share
And feel excitement in the air
So happy birthday, my boyfriend
Keep me with you ’til the end
There’s no boyfriend who can compare
Who’s always sweet and always shares
And I want you to know
I hope you’ll never let me go
So let’s cheer and raise a glass
To the birthday boy with class
20 years old, you’re now all grown
And if there’s one thing that you’ve shown
It’s that you’re a special guy
And there are many reasons why
I made you cake, I brought you flowers
To share with you these happy birthday hours
Because you always bring me joy
And I’m glad that you’re my boy
Every day with you’s a gift
You’re on the top of my favorites list
But today is all about just you
And there’s lots and lots for us to do
You’re a guy who’s not just fun
You’re a guy who’s number one
Today’s a day unlike the rest
When I’m with you I feel so blessed
Birthday presents, ribbons and bows
Are not enough to really show
How you are in my heart
So let’s have this party start

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