Our mother is the first person we see when we are born; she is our teacher, our guide and our world. She nurtures us with her love and care. No one can love us like our mother does.Words can’t define the meaning of a mother. She makes our life easy and wonderful. So shouldn’t we make her feel special for at least one day?By wishing our mother on her birthday we can make her smile. These wishes will tell her how much we love and admire her.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Mother

  • For your lovely mother below is a large collection of some best birthday wishes, you can send her on her birthday.
  • You are my angle, my globe and everything. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to love you as much as you do to me.
  • You are the air I breathe, the sun I pray to and the land beneath my feet. Dear mother, I can’t explain how wonderful you have made my life. A very happy birthday to you.
  • Mom you are everything I want to be, I hope you always stay with me. You were my past, you are my present and I hope you’ll be my future too.
  • A very happy birthday to the world’s best mother. I love you so much. No matter how far I go, you’ll always be in my heart.
  • God send an angle on earth, to nurture my soul and that is my mother.
  • A mother like you is a gift of god, I wish you always stay with me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you so much mother.
  • You are my angel, you are my life. I promise I’ll be a good child from tomorrow.
  • To Mrs. Perfect, you are just amazing mother.
  • I love you mom, can you always stay my mother? Whenever I am scared, you hug off all my fear. A very happy birthday to my superwoman. There is nothing like you mother.
  • I feel so privileged to have a mother like you, you are simply awesome. The starts in the sky together can’t illuminate my world like you dol. I love you so much mother.
  • If you could see my heart, you would find yourself in it. I wish you get everything in life. A mother is the most beautiful creation of God and so are you.
  • No matter how many candles I light, it will all fade away against the way you bright my life. I wish the best of this world to you.
  • In this small wish I am sending you all my love, kisses and hug. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous lady on earth, you are just amazing mom.
  • No matter How far I go, A piece of you will always be in my heart.You are that smile which comes after tears. Roses are red violets are blue my mother is beautiful and that is so true.
  • Dear mother, I don’t know how you manage yourself so perfectly; I wish I could be like you. I have seen God, He is my mother.
  • You are like a diamond, unbreakable with immortal strength. I wish the best of this world for you.
  • You wake me from nightmares, you bright up my life. A mother like you is one in million and sought out my fights. Nobody can love me the way you do.
  • I wish you live as long as stars light the night sky. My faith lives in you, my life starts from you
  • I don’t know how to live without you.If love is dad then life is you.
  • I wish you get all the happiness of this world, I love you so much mother. A very happy birthday.
  • You made me wise, you made me strong, I can’t imagine of live without you mom.
  • Whenever I pray, I pray for you. I pray for your health, may god bless you. A very happy birthday to the lady who never lost trust on me. I love you mom.
  • From each cell of my heart I have loved you. You smile, your eyes and everything about you is admirable. Smile it’s you birthday mom.
  • I love your warm hugs, your special Sunday breakfast and all those lullabies.
  • No one can replace you ever. Even if the last piece of cake was left for you, you would give if I ask you. You are so lovable mom.
  • I’ll always be your little boy no matter how old we both get. If I ever make my favorites list, you’ll be at number one.

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