A son is our friend, our life and everything. The happiness which one gets form a son cannot be replaced by any other thing. He helps us in our old age and care for us like a father.He is close to his mother and friend to his father. The way a son loves his parents is unique and beautiful. So shouldn’t we wish such a lovely son on his birthday.Below is our awesome collection of some wonderfully written birthday wishes. These wishes will just light up your son’s life and giving him eternal happiness. Hope you like them.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Son

  • Happy birthday to the world’s best son, we love you so much child. May god bless you. You have always been a great son, hope you stay like this forever.
  • I feel so blessed to have a son like you, happy birthday baby. A son like you is a gift of god. We can’t imagine our life without you. You have always helped her in our bad times.
  • The love you have given us can never be replaced. If they ask us what perfection is, our answer will be you. You bright up our life like a million lanterns, we love you so much son.
  • Today an angle came into our life. The first time I held you in my arms, I knew you were special. I can’t express how special I feel because of you.
  • A son like you is one in a million. No matter how far we live, you will always be in my heart. You have always made us proud.
  • I wish you get all the happiness of this world. We never knew our world would change so beautifully because of a son like you. Whenever we look at you, we see a part of us in you.
  • No matter how much I try, I won’t be able to find a son like you. Every day I pray for you, that you get everything in life. I find peace in you and everything I need to live this life.
  • If I ever make a list of my favourite people, you’ll be at number one. If my daughter is my heart, then you are the beatings.
  • I have always loved and will love you till my last breath. Whenever you’ll be scared, I’ll turn on the lights. I remember your first step; I promise I’ll never let you fall.
  • A son like you is a privilege to have; I will always keep you with me. I wish we celebrate many more birthdays like this, I pray to god that you live a hundred years.
  • I can’t express how brilliant a son you are, thanks for being a part of our life.. To my dear son, a very happy birthday.
  • I want to bake a birthday cake every year for my handsome so..
  • This day can’t be any better.
  • I hope you come out with flying colors.
  • We will always light your way like lanterns.
  • You have touched my life so much that I can’t spend it without you.
  • You are in every second of my life; you are the soul of my heart.
  • I have never loved anyone as much I loved you.
  • I am so glad my baby is growing up.
  • If you don’t like nights I’ll be the sun to light up your life.
  • I always wanted a daughter but dint knew that son’s could be so wonderful. Happy birthday baby.
  • I have trust in you and I believe you’ll do great in life. If you ever get lost, I’ll find you. Whenever I close my eyes I pray for you. I am so delighted to have a son like. Happy birthday love.
  • I wish this day comes every year and we celebrate it with more and more joy. You are my sweetheart, my pumpkin and every cute this world could spell. You are the smile which gives that beautiful look to face.
  • I am in complete without you; you are a part of me. If you could see, you would have found yourself in my heart.

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